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Fox Brings on Country Singer Charlie Daniels as an Expert on FISA

Reported by Melanie - October 17, 2007 -

Last August, when Fox's "premiere business news" show had MTV's Kurt Loder on as an expert on universal health care and taxes, I thought Fox had reached the bottom in terms of treating its audience like complete idiots. I was wrong. Today (October 17, 2007), Fox brought on country music singer Charlie Daniels as an expert on FISA and eavesdropping.

Cavuto introduced Daniels over a very carefully worded chyron: "House Bill Would Restrict Government Terror Surveillance," as he explained that the House is, "set to vote on a bill that would make it tougher for the government to eavesdrop on potential terrorists. The proposal could impact telecommunications companies in a big way. [Cavuto's ridiculous attempt to make this sound like business news.] The president already threatening a veto. My next guest says yeah, you'd better veto it; that Democrats and civil libertarians are making it more dangerous for the rest of us."

Daniels said he travels all around the country and people, "don't feel like they're very represented." "I mean, these guys, they sit down there and you know, draw up things against talk show hosts?! Is that all they got to do?"

Cavuto wondered whether he was,"saying they're risking our security?"

Daniels said. "I'm absolutely saying..."

Cavuto interrupted: "They're saying they're trying to protect the Charlie Daniels of the world from being snooped on."

Daniels: "Well, I understand and it's a shame we have to go that far to take care of business," but, "we either gotta protect the country or we're not going to have a country to protect and if it means eavesdroppin', we have to eavesdrop. If it means, you know, lookin' at people's email, we have to look at people's email."

From there they went on to talk about how Chuck Schumer and Ted Kennedy, "don't seem to know what's goin' on over" in Iraq, about how General Petraeus is "one of the toughest men in the world," and about MoveOn's "Betray Us" ad which Daniels said was, "one of the lowest class things I've ever seen anybody do."

As they wrapped up, Cavuto invited Daniels to appear with him on the Fox Business Network to talk about, ah, commodities.

Comment: This is the kind of information and expertise Fox is presenting to its viewers about the potentially Constitution-busting issue of whether or not our government can spy on us without a warrant.