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Why Isn't Bill O'Reilly Talking About Children's Healthcare?

Reported by Deborah - October 16, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly, self proclaimed authority on children and parenting, claims he really cares about the kids in America. His new book, " Kids Are American's Too" came out yesterday, 10/15 and the ad on his website offers this description of the book.

"Bill's newest book for kids is about what it means to be an American, and what your rights and responsibilities are as a kid."

One might conclude that O'Reilly would be especially concerned that every American kid has access to healthcare. So why haven't we seen extensive coverage of this issue on The O'Reilly Factor?

The State Childrens Health Insurance Bill, SCHIP, was vetoed by President Bush and is scheduled for a veto overide this week. According to an AP report today nearly two dozen states might be forced to trim the roles of recipients if an agreement isn't reached.

The author of " Kids Are Americans Too" has expressed no outrage about this possibility. In fact in a column he wrote in July attacking Michael Moore's film, Sicko he made this comment about uninsured American kids and adults.

"The statistics show that 15% of Americans lack medical insurance and some of those simply would rather buy a flat-screen TV than spend money on insuring their health."

Graeme Frost is a 12 year old kid and American too who O'Reilly has pretty much ignored recently. It would seem that O'Reilly might find the attacks on Graeme Frost and his family from the GOP trying to smear Democrats and support the veto worthy of some Factor time. Graeme's parents spoke out about the attacks on Countdown last night. Here's the interview from Think Progress.

O'Reilly claims his book is about what it really means to be an American. Is he saying that being a real American means denying children healthcare in order to fund more war? Is that something he really wants kids to learn?