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In Discussions of Deteriorating Northern Iraq Border Situation, FOX Hosts Never Mention That PKK Is a Designated Terrorist Organization

Reported by Marie Therese - October 16, 2007 -

Saturday October 13th during Weekend Live host Catherine Herridge reported on the increased tensions that exist between Turkey and Iraq over the issue of incursions by Iraq's northern urdish separatists into Turkish territory. True to a long tradition, Turkey has amassed a huge force along the border with Iraq and is threatening to invade in order to stop what they perceive to be a violation of their territorial integrity by the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party). The PKK has been listed by the United States as a terrorist group. However, if you watched FOX News the past three days, that crucial bit of information was missing from the comments of its hosts and most guests. With video.

As you watch the video compilation below, pay close attention to how Maj. Gen. Bob Scales and Catherine Herridge slip easily into referring to the war in Iraq as the "war on terror." The propaganda goes so deep on FOX that they no longer make any attempt to mask the fact that they routinely conflate the word "terrorism" with "insurgency" and Iraqis with the Taliban

Gen. Scales and, later, Gen Barton Moore, used similar language to describe the crisis on Iraq's northern border, saying it would not be a good thing for the U.S. troops or for the surge. In the event of a border skirmish, American troops will be called away from Baghdad and it environs and assigned, instead, as support troops to the Northern Kurds in heretofore peaceful northern Iraq.

Naturally, FOX News has found a way to blame the Democrats for the trouble with Turkey. During the 10-15-07 edition of FOX News Sunday Brit Hume was very distressed when House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer indicated that the Democratic leadership plans to proceed with a vote declaring the murder of over a million Armenians in 1915 as a "genocide." Turkey has indicated that it would frown on such an action.

A very calm Hoyer explained that he has supported such a resolution for 25 years and that as far as Turkey is concerned, there would never be a "good" time for such an action. He noted also that Turkey has benefited greatly from its relationship with the United States.

The Turkish Parliament will vote Wednesday and is expected to grant approval for a cross-border excursion into Iraq. The timing of such an action remains up in the air.