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Fox Continues To Praise Rush Limbaugh For Phony Soldiers Statement

Reported by Donna - October 16, 2007 -

Fox and Friends (6 - 8 a.m. est) brought on Sascha Burns, Democratic Strategist and Mike Gallagher, right wing radio host to talk about Rush Limbaugh and his feud with Harry Reid.

Camerota asked Burns how to explain that Limbaugh's popularity numbers had gone up 2 points (in his state) while Harry Reids have gone down. Burns quickly said that Limbaugh's popularity numbers were higher than the presidents and Cameroys didn't have anything to say about that.

Gallagher said it was a phony controversy that was backfiring in a big way. He said that Limbaugh was a "beloved icon."

Camerota then asked what Burns thought about Limbaugh's putting the letter from the Democratic Senators up for auction to benefit the troops.

Burns said it was a good publicity stunt but Limbaugh was a "silly little man."

Gallagher said that Limbaugh was a brilliant man, very popular and respected.

Comments: Notice how Camerota's questions were geared towards putting Limbaugh in a good light and directed at the Democratic strategist. What wasn't brought up were Limbaugh's statement about soldiers who are now anti war being "phony soldiers" nor Limbaugh's legal problems with drug addiction. This makes a brilliant and respected man? Later on in the show they said the auction for the paper Limbaugh had was up to $50,000 and would the lawmakers match that?

Fox is so blatant in being unfair and unbalanced. They pretend to be by having a Democratic strategist on but coordinate the interview to put Limbaugh in the best light. It's been proven and shown, even on Fox, that Limbaugh said 'soldiers' plural. Fox even put out the tape in Limbaugh's own words that proved he said "phony soldiers." (On Studio B several days ago) Now Fox and Limbaugh have turned it into a feud between Harry Reid and Limbaugh. They've done everything to take the focus off of the real story.