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Fox Accuses Hillary of Playing The Female Card?

Reported by Donna - October 16, 2007 -

The banner on Studio B with Shepard Smith read, 'Hillary Plays The Female Card In Her White House Bid.' They mentioned that she appeared on The View yesterday. I'm not sure what they're getting at exactly, but a negative Hillary story seems to appear a lot on Fox.

Smith said she appeared on The View to tell women about breaking the highest glass ceiling. He had two guests on, Cheri Jacobus., Republican Strategist and Liz Chadderdon, Democratic Strategist. Smith asked Chadderdon if this was about the primaries or general election. Chadderdon said it was about both. She said that carrying women could put her way ahead of whoever her Republican opponent is.

Smith asked Jacobus if it makes sense that a female Senator should go on The View. Jacobus said it makes sense for any Senator, male or female to go on The View. She went on to say that the problem with Hillary is that she has this personna that seems to change to whatever audience she is addressing. She added that when she goes to the south she develops a southern accent, when she goes to the black churches she sounds like a black preacher. Jacobus said when she goes to speak to women she sounds a little too housewifely and people are starting to catch onto this. She said she needs to learn to be a little more authentic because there is discomfort with her and part of this is her nervousness she has about Oprah being behind Barack Obama.

Smith asked Chadderdon if Jacobus had a point.

Chadderdon said that Oprah being behind Barack Obama may be an interesting factor but she doesn't think Hillary has a problem feeling disingenuous to female voters. She said that Hillary Clinton is poised to be the first Democratic nominee to be president who is female and very possibly the first female president. She said that that this is something that women have been waiting for for many, many years. Because the equal rights amendment failed in the 1970's women have been waiting for this for a long time and Chadderdon found this particularly exciting.

Jacobus said it's not like we don't have woman leaders in this country and this is where Hillary is overplaying the woman card. We had two woman as Secretary of State, Madeline Albright and Condi Rice and the Speaker of the House was on The View and while she disagreed with virtually everything that Nancy Pelosi stands for she did admire her for how she handled herself and didn't change her personna, she was comfortable being who she is. Jacobus said that the discomfort level people have with Hillary Clinton is that she is a chamelon and acts like she is really hiding something.

Smith thanked them both and said they all were going to be shooting at her since she was at the top of the food chain.

Comment: No one explained how Hillary is playing this 'female card', except for the attack by the Republican strategist that didn't really say anything. Hillary is straight talking and doesn't change her positions, this woman, Jacobus, was saying she changes her personna. I saw on Fox the other day that politicians tend to talk about the issues affecting the venue that they are addressing, so this really isn't unusual. Plus the Republican Strategist managed to get in a diss at Nancy Pelosi.

But any chance to put down Hillary Clinton is taken on Fox. I mean, really, playing the female card because she appeared on The View, give me a break.