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Business Analyst Tobin Smith Consults with "Little Annie," His Very Own Ann Coulter Barbie Doll

Reported by Marie Therese - October 14, 2007 -

With the FOX Business Network set to launch Monday morning amid great fanfare (at least on the FOX News Channel), I thought it might be interesting to go back a week and look at a discussion of workplace harassment that aired on Bulls & Bears last Saturday, October 6th, featuring special guest and erstwhile business expert Ann Coulter. In an unsettling display of childish chauvinism, FOX News financial panel member Tobin Smith, founder of Changewave Investing, consulted with "Little Annie," his very own Ann Coulter Barbie doll. It was beyond tacky, especially at the point where he claimed that "politically correct" behavior in the work environment causes people to miss out on "fun stuff." One can only imagine what that "fun stuff" might be. With video.

Fellow panelist, Gary B. Smith, founder of Exemplar Capital and no relation to Tobin Smith, merely pined for the "good old days" when men were men and women didn't complain.

"You know, back in my day - you know, I worked for corporate America at IBM - you know, no one ever thought - maybe there was such harassment," G.B. Smith said, "But ya' never thought about it, one, because the women were like Ann [Coulter]. They were smart. They could stand on their own. They were, you know, as tough as any person there - any guy there - and another thing is, if it was an enlightened company, which I think most of corporate America is - you simply took a problem to your management and they took care of it."

(Yeah, sure they did! I remember those "good old days." The woman would be fired on the spot and never heard from again!)

It was clear from their uneasy behavior that the FOX businesswomen on the panel were not at all happy about this segment. Sadly, they exhibited the classic feminine response in a situation where their power is only for show and where the men make all the real decisions. They made disapproving faces and commented half-heartedly. Host Brenda Buttner played along as did Ann Coulter who seemed oblivious to the fact that her mini-doppelganger was being waved around by another panelist.

I feel sorry for any woman - no matter what her political leaning - who has to work with throwbacks like Tobin and Gary B. Smith.

As for the FOX Business Network, with a voyeuristic chauvinist like Neil Cavuto in charge, one can assume that the coverage of women's issues will be equally sophomoric, shallow and insulting.