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Doocy blames "mainstream media" for results of LHJ poll

Reported by Chrish - October 12, 2007 -

FOX News claims to have the Best. Political. Coverage. Period. On FOX and Friends this morning Brian Kilmeade wanted to "talk about the presidential race, '08." I sensed a joke when the banner read "Candidate Couples: Who is the happiest?"

At least Gretchen Carlson disclosed that it was a Ladies Home Journal study ("unscientific, I'm sure") that was the basis for this segment, but they went ahead nonetheless. (Yet Bill O'Reilly ROARS about the "corrupt media"because CNN uses documented quotes and transcripts from MediaMatters.org for a piece.)

The poll indicates the perception of happiest couples, in order, is the Edwards, Obamas, McCains, Giulianis, Clintons, Romneys, and Thompsons.

Mr. Happy himself was astounded about the Edwards' first place and warned to stay away from the cash registers this morning (which means, I'm assuming, that one of the tabloid rags has something unflattering about the Edwardses on the cover. Nice to know the "news" host has checked the headlines for the day.) Kilmeade is astonished that the Clintons topped the Romneys, saying they've seen this couple in action! Carlson made sure to qualify that, unseen in the graphics currently being shown, was the caveat that 44% of respondents didn't know enough about the Romneys.

This gave Mr. Happy the opening to state that "the reason it was John Edwards, Barack Obama, and their wives, the mainstream media, those are the people that they have done so many features on. And if you notice it's not 'til the back of the pack that you wind up with any of the Republican parents (sic)."

Wah, wah, wah. He's insinuating, hell, he's asserting that Republican couples are not getting fair coverage from that so-called liberal media. Carlson at least acknowledged that Elizabeth's cancer has generated a lot of interest, and her book; nobody mentioned that Giuliani is not too eager to highlight his third wife, nor Thompson his second, to the Republican "values voters" base. And if media coverage was all it took to rocket a couple to number one then the Clintons should have clinched it. Doocy just made another gratuitous, baseless slap at the "other" media to reaffirm to the groupies that FOX is the only F&B network - drip, drip. drip.

But that was the "talk about the presidential race." How enlightening.