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Mission Accomplished: Media mistrust way up among Republicans

Reported by Chrish - October 11, 2007 -

On FOX and Friends yesterday 10/10/07 the hosts highlighted results of a recent Gallup poll that showed mistrust of the media is up, markedly more among Republicans. The Friends spun this as vindication for FOX News' claim of being the sole "fair and balanced" source, the rest of the media allegedly leaning left. But "some say" the poll results are the effect of FOX's popularity, not the cause, as Steve Doocy claims. Their Republican viewership is now thoroughly convinced (brainwashed) into believing the drip, drip, drip of media bashing that has recently become a torrent of acrimony and slanderous accusations from the unprofessionals at FNC, led by die-hard Republican Roger Ailes.
With video.

The Gallup poll indicates a drop in Republican trust of the media from 63% (in 1976) to 33% today, and a concurrent drop for Democrats from 77% to 66%, which indicates that talk radio and FOX are accomplishing their mission, to sow distrust and confusion and establish themselves as the sole believable source. Once listeners and viewers are trained to automatically exclude all other input the right-wing media is in control of their very thoughts and perspectives. This is a classic abusive relationship, and like many victims they are not only not aware of the abuse, they defend their abusers.

Doocy claims FOX is "the number one source for news for America," when you look at cable news. This is spin. The network news shows all double and triple FNC's highest-rated program (O'Reilly) ratings nightly, and FOX News "news" programs, FOX News Live and Special Report (which devotes it's final 20 minutes to an unbalanced panel discussion of the day's events) are being compared to non-news programs in the same timeslot on different networks. People watch FOX for opinion, fireworks, flash and trash, to have their viewpoints validated by right-wing talking heads, and to get smart-sounding talking points to argue the next day. Serious news seekers don't even have FOX programmed into their remotes.

Doocy cited the poll again, which shows that 77% of Republicans say the media is biased left while only 16% of Democrats say the same. He interprets that to mean that Democarts like the media's bias just the way it is, because "you only get the left."

Brian Kilmeade quoted an Army General (Caldwell) who is the "media spokesman" for the war and who complains that the Happy Iraq stories ("Freedom Facts") are not getting published, just the "grisly" and "negative" reports.

Gretchen Carlson made my point, saying that the advent of FOX News and the focus on the so-called liberal media has changed Republicans perception of that media, now that there is an outlet that skews the news to suit their own biases (although she and Doocy say again that they are the sole outlet that is fair and balanced, reinforcing the brainwashing, drip, drip, drip.)

Bill O'Reilly and the Friends bookend the day for FOX viewers (who, studies show , have their TVs tuned to FOX for hours, even all day long, hence the high "average" ratings) and deliver the mistrust message regularly, as documented here.

Mission Accomplished indeed. Ailes must be celebrating the dumbing down of America.