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FOX News Channel Girds Its Loins To Do Battle for God

Reported by Marie Therese - October 11, 2007 -

Oh my goodness! It's not even Halloween yet and FOX News is revving up for the annual War on Christmas campaign! They always manage to do battle just about the time the retailers put up the Christmas decorations and start their ad buys for the upcoming holiday season. This year there's lots of worry on the retail front. The market appears to be indicating that this will be a slow holiday shopping season. Many stores are already selling Christmas items at heavy discounts. So, it comes as no surprise that FOX would haul out its tried-and-true defense of the Christian god's birthday. On Tuesday October 9th Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly of America's Newsroom followed up on an earlier FOX & Friends segment and took pot shots at a new Air America project, Free Thought Radio, a broadcast aimed at those who do not believe in a Supreme Being.

Bill Hemmer delivered several "teasers" for the segment. He asked if this show represented a "new war" on religion. Later he quipped "Do you think religion is a sickness?" He ended one teaser by saying "God bless." Megyn "Blond Ambition" Kelly was right there with him, delivering her lines with the appropriate amount of dripping venom.

FOX News Religion correspondent Lauren Green did the bulk of the report, both on America's Newsroom and later on FOX News Live with Jon Scott. She noted that the show was hardly a ratings smash. Scott wondered whether or not the Christian conservative groups like Focus on the Family would be checking in to see what host Al Franken and the various guests list Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins had to say.


Looks like we can expect a lot more of the same kind of snide coverage between now and December 25th, currently the date of Christmas. Some theologians believe that the Christians set the date to coincide with the end of the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, possibly to give Christians something to celebrate so they wouldn't feel left out. It is universally understood by all but the most fundamentalist Christians that Jesus was not actually born on December 25th.

That will not, however, deter Bill O'Reilly, John Gibson and the the rest of the FOX News hosts from launching into their annual orgy of sanctimonious finger-waving and lip flapping as they bemoan the battle against Christmas being waged by the godless minions of the arch-devil George Soros abetted by the debauched residents of Hollywood and the deranged, anti-Christian forces that run the mainstream media.

Oh, joy!

(Media Matters has the video.)