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Fox Guests Say Pakistan Has No Control On Afghanistan Border

Reported by Donna - October 11, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he had two guests on to speak about the area of Waziristan, which is on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both speakers said that the Taliban and Al Qaeda had joined up and Pakistan won't even go into the area and now there is a new training video out (exclusive to Fox) which shows Al Qaeda and the Taliban training.

They had on Harvey Kushner, who is a terrorist analyst and P.J. Crowley from the Center for American Progress.

Shepard Smith said he thought that we had Afghanistan under control years ago. Both men said that wasn't the case, that the Taliban was gaining strength and teaming up with Al Qaeda. They said it was so bad that even Pakistan wouldn't go into Waziristan.

They said they are gaining strength and rearming. Smith said he didn't understand why the most powerful army on earth couldn't do something about this and why it had gotten to this point. The men said there is a plan they're talking about where they would put the Marines in Afghanistan and leave the army in Iraq and hopefully do something.

Smith asked why he had heard that Afghanistan was under control and it's really not. Both men said that that was a lie.

Smith ended the interview by saying that this was very uplifting news.

Comment: Finally Fox admits that we took our eye off the war in Afghanistan and now it's being overrun by the Taliban and Al Qaeda joining forces and rearming. This is something the Democrats have been saying all along. They have training camps there that even Pakistan is afraid to go near.

So, not only is Iraq a mess, the original war of terror in Afghanistan is a mess, too. We've been lied to once again.