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Fox Guest Blames Atheism For Cleveland School Shootings

Reported by Donna - October 11, 2007 -

Today Studio B with Shepard Smith had Father Jonathan Morris on to talk about the school shooting at a Cleveland High School yesterday.

The reason for the shootings? Why, Father Morris said it had to do with atheism.

Father Morris said the kids needed to get more spirituality into their lives. He went on to say that atheism was involved. He said he wasn't talking about shoving religion down their throats but people are naturally religious, it helps us find meaning in life.

He finished by saying we can't let government take religion away from our kids.

Comments: Even Shepard Smith didn't know what to say to this priest. He was on unopposed (of course) and just started ranting that atheism was the reason behind this school shooting. He had no evidence to back this up, I don't think he knew the 14 year olds background or events surrounding the shooting.

I think he was pulling a Jerry Falwell.