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Charles Krauthammer: We Will Take Action Against Iran This Spring

Reported by Marie Therese - October 11, 2007 -

During the All-Star Panel discussion on the October 8, 2007 edition of Special Report with Brit Hume, neocon Charles Krauthammer indicated that he believes we will take military action against Iran next spring. Wasn't it just last week that Brit Hume was feigning incredulity during a segment about the "far left bloggers" who "seemed to think" that the Bush administration wanted a war with Iran? My, my. What a difference a week makes. With video.

Hume started things off with a neat little piece about Gen. David Petraeus' recent statement that the Iranian Ambassador to Iraq is a member of the al-Quds force. The Bush administration is hellbent on forcing Congress to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (which includes al-Quds) as a terrorist group.

Such a move would be unprecedented.

Petraeus has joined his voice to the ever-escalating chorus of neocons and warmongers, all singing the same tune that John McCain vocalized several months ago: "Bomb, bomb, bomb - bomb, bomb Iran."

The few paltry "proofs" offered up by the administration and its lackeys consist largely of hearsay, some undated and uncorroborated footage and a lot of "opinion," all of which would be laughed out of any competent District Attorney's office as insufficient to bring a case for loitering let alone to be used as justification to exterminate thousands of human beings. Never ones to be dissuaded, they parade their think tank membership, gold braid, medals and press badges and tell us to just trust them with no verification other than their word. Their reason for this is always the same canard - the need to preserve "national security."

To which I respond: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

This is same group of incompetent miscreants that charmed us into war on Iraq.

As you can see from the short clips (videos # 2 & 3 below) of the Republican debate on Tuesday night, most of the GOP candidates - with the notable exception of Ron Paul - seem to think we 're fighting some country called Afghan-Iraq-Iran-istan. In other words they've conflated the three countries into one larger entity, which allows them to play fast and loose with words liker "terrorist," September 11th," Al Qaeda, homeland security, etc.

It was interesting, however, that on Tuesday October 9th (video #4 below), the day after the Petraeus story appeared, Brit Hume reported that there is strong evidence that the Bush administration ruined a valuable anti-terrorist program in its haste to release the latest bin Laden tape to FOX News and a few other outlets.

Rita Katz, founder of SITE, a company that monitors radical Islamic websites for clues to any possible terrorist activities, has alleged that the Bush White House prematurely leaked information about the September 7th video of bin Laden and thereby tipped off the militants running the website. Experts say that her operation, while small, did provide a valuable service to the counter-terrorism community and its loss will be felt.

FOX correspondent Wendell Goler concluded his summation by noting the FOX News did not receive the bin Laden information from the White House or National Security sources but it did receive it from inside the government. Duh! Talk about splitting hairs!



VIDEO #2: REPUBLICAN DEBATE, 10-9-07, PART TWO (slightly longer)