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The Sex Teacher Shockers Are Back!

Reported by Ellen - October 10, 2007 -

"Sex Teachers" were news again on Hannity & Colmes last night (10/9/07). So important did FOX News deem the sights of a couple of teachers posing provocatively on MySpace and doing a supposedly suggestive cheerleader’s dance in front of a class, that they provided a double segment in which to view discuss the offenses. While condemning them, FOX News didn’t mind playing and replaying their alleged transgressions… for educational purposes, only, no doubt. With video.

Lynne Cheney, the wife of the vice president, was also on the show to discuss her new memoir. But she had to wait until after Sean, Alan and two guests argued the pro’s and con’s of whether or not the teachers should be punished for their behavior. Alan Colmes pointed out that the photos were really not that explicit, nothing that a student wouldn’t see by running into a teacher at the beach. Defense attorney Allison Gilman noted that the cheerleading routine was the sort of thing students would see at a football game. Sean “whatever I suffer, you should, too, but you should only have my privileges if you earn them” Hannity complained that if he had a morals clause in his contract, why shouldn’t teachers? I didn’t notice him proposing that they earn his salary, however.

In his scripted introduction, Colmes read that female educators acting inappropriately with their students “looks like a growing classroom epidemic... But is it hitting an all-time high?” Not that the “we report, you decide” network made any attempt to actually find out. On FOX News, a suggestion is often as good as a fact. Similarly, the Hannity & Colmes website, which – Surprise! Surprise! – features this video (and has a separate section for “sex teacher shockers!”), stated that Hannity & Colmes would be investigating the teachers. But the only "investigation" was the endless replaying of the salacious pix.

Below is a screen grab from the Hannity & Colmes website followed by video of Part 1 of the two-part discussion.