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Practically The Whole Show On Studio B Was About The Cleveland School Shooting But They Made Time For Fight Over Arctic Circle Oil

Reported by Donna - October 10, 2007 -

Jane Skinner (filling in for Shepard Smith, who dissapeared around halfway through the broadcast), had a short segment about the melting ice around the arctic circle and all the oil that would be available.

What was surprising was the talk of military intervention.

Jonathan Hunt said that the different countries, U.S., Russia and Canada would go to the UN to make it's case for the area in the arctic basin that the U.S. says could be attached to Alaska. Hunt said the U.S. was sending the Coast Guard out for mapping so that they could make a scientific and legal case for the land. That way the U.S. could drill for oil there.

Skinner asked if it could be settled diplomatically. Hunt said that everyone hoped that it could be with scientific and legal cases made for the land by the different countries. Hunt said if it could not be settled diplomatically the red and white of the U.S. Coast Guard could be replaced by the gunmetal gray of U.S. Navy. Skinner asked if we would be ready for it if it came to military conflict. Hunt said military bases would be important, that Canada had been beefing up it's military bases and the U.S. had one military base up there, the northern most of any of it's military bases and that tonight on the Fox Report they would be going to that base, 750 miles within the arctic circle.

The banner read: 'Breaking the Ice: A Race For The Arctics Resources

Comments: Sounds to me that the countries involved would make their legal and scientific claims for the arctic resources to the UN but if it didn't turn out well for the U.S., we could be ready with military action. It sounded like they didn't really have any respect for the UN and it's decision making. What if the UN decides it belongs to Canada or Russia? Will we use military action?

We report, you decide.