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Fox & Friends Say Seizing George Clooney's Medical Records & Rush Limbaugh's Are The Same Thing

Reported by Donna - October 10, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends there was a story on George Clooney's medical records being breached by several medical personnel. Several of them had been suspended. 27 (Doocy said) may be fired and even George Clooney said that may be a little harsh. This all stems from a motorcycle accident that George Clooney was involved in.

But then they took the story and tried to compare it to Rush Limbaugh's medical records being seized.

Doocy asked what George Clooney and Rush Limbaugh have in common. Judge Andrew Napolitan said that both of their medical records were illegally leaked. Judge Napolitano said that in the case of Rush Limbaugh it was a prosecutor who subpoenoed them.

The screen was split with a picture of George Clooney on one side and Rush Limbaugh on the other. The banner underneath said 'ER Secrets Spilled, Limbaugh's Suffered Same Fate.'

They talked amongst themselves to decide if George Clooney's medical records were leaked or peeked. Napolitano said Clooney's were peeked, Limbaugh's were leaked. Doocy said George Clooney's were leaked to the press and Camarato said she hadn't seen anything in the press. Doocy said they were leaked because they wanted to know the nature of Clooney's injuries and any information on the woman who was with Clooney and what she might have said.

Comments: Comparing the two incidents is utter bs. Limbaugh was under investigation for doctor shopping, which is a felony in Florida. George Clooney was simply in a motorcycle accident. Clooney's medical records were actually leaked. The prosecutor in the Limbaugh case legally went after his medical records because it was a case of a felony in the state of Florida.

How far will Fox go to rehabilitate the pill popping Rush Limbaugh? This was just a ridiculous comparison. After Limbaugh's 'phony soldier' statement, it seems that Fox will stop at no lengths to try and rehabilitate him.

What was even funnier was doing a split screen with Clooney on one side and Limbaugh on the other - this certainly didn't do any service to Limbaugh.