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Fox Does It Again - Identifies A Republican As A Democrat.

Reported by Donna - October 10, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends they had s couple of segments on a NYC Councilman , James Oddo, who was punked by a fake foreign correspondant. Fox and Friends compared it to an interview on the Daily Show where they play tricks on politicians. In the first segment, Judge Andrew Napolitano called the Councilman a Conservative Democrat when in reality he is a Republican.

The foreign (Norway) correspondant apparently asked embarrassing questions about Hillary's chances because of President Clinton's scandal. The Councilman jumped up and the Fox and Friends crew said he threw her out of the office shouting 16 f bombs.

They then put out a call for emails on who was right - the councilman or the correspondant. Later they read two emails that said the councilman was wrong. This was when the audience thought the Councilman was a Democrat.

Comments: As an afterthought Doocy said before the Clinton question the woman correspondant said disparaging things about race in America and Barack Obama. Instead he concentrated on the Hillary question. On the second segment in the second hour they said the Councilman was a Republican but made no apology nor did they recant what Judge Andrew Napolitano said in the first segment.

Another thing is people and politicians in the U.S. know the Daily Show and what to expect. This little known Norwegian correspondant was not evident at all of representing herself like the Daily Show.