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Bill O'Reilly Must Be Afraid Of John Edwards

Reported by Deborah - October 10, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly bashed John Edwards for two segments tonight even though he insisted that Edwards has no chance of winning the nomination. " Kid Rock has a better chance", the self proclaimed Independent, announced to viewers tonight. Well, if BOR really believes Edwards is no threat, why did he spend so much time smearing him tonight? 10/10/07

O'Reilly, in a predictable display of blatant GOP campaigning focused on promoting the idea that Edwards is soft on terrorism. Doing his best Ann Coulter imitation he quipped that Bin Laden has an Edwards bumper sticker in his cave. Of course he made sure to say that all Democrats " can be branded soft on terrorism".

Mark Halperin and Liz Chadderon were added as sounding boards for O'Reilly's terror shtick which is already old and boring since we heard it before in '04' and '06'.

Halperin diidn't agree with Bill that Edwards has no chance telling him that " tens of millions" agree with Edwards' message. This made BOR claim Edwards' poll numbers were at 11%.
O'Reilly continued his bravado dance trying to twist Chadderdon's words. " So it's our fault", he barked at her and then " We're a torture nation and we're bad." It was the old fear mongering and concentration on threats from the outside ignoring the problems here.

comment: Maybe people like John Edwards because he cares about Americans as people. He talks about the real problems that impact our difficult lives. Bill O'Reilly simply can't understand that people gravitate to Edwards because he's kind and decent and people know that he wants to make their lives easier.

O'Reilly doesn't get John Edwards because he doesn't need two jobs just to pay the bills. He doesn't drop into bed each night aching with exhaustion yet too worried about the bills to really sleep well. It's hard to be worried about terrorists when you're afraid that your kids might get sick and you can't afford their health insurance.

Bill O'Reilly doesn't get what's really going on in this country and that's why he's so afraid of John Edwards.