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Outrageous Quote of the Week 10/06/07

Reported by Chrish - October 8, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly has been defeated! Bill Kristol, war architect and Murdoch-minion, eaked out a win over the bloviator for saying:

"Well, first of all, whenever I hear anything described as a heartless assault on our children, I tend be - think - it's a good idea. I'm happy that the President is willing to do something bad for the kids. You do wonder about the Democrats, If I can just say. Putting a 12-year-old - I mean, how pathetic is that? A 12-year-old kid giving the radio address. Nancy Pelosi pretending she's praying for the President. You really wonder how stupid they think the American people are."

See below the jump for this week's haul of shame.

Option A: (General Wesley Clark) is a "big friend of Billary and Hillary... the bottom line is he's very much become a Democrat (sic) pawn... it's very clear that he's simply now a shill for the Democrat (sic) party." Lt. Col. Oliver North disrespecting superior officer on FOX and Friends, 10/05/07

Option B: "It matters to our troops who are in harm's way," Republican Kate Obenshain re Obama not wearing a flag lapel pin, on Hannity & Colmes, 10/4/07

Option C: "Danny Bonaduce, big winner. He slammed some guy to the floor who was being annoying. I think Danny should get a medal. The cops let him go." One of John Gibson's "Winners of the Week," the Big Story, 10/05/07

Option D: "Our generals are betraying our soldiers … again. [...] "Our generals in both the Army and Marine Corps have cared more about their precious careers and reputations than their soldiers and Marines under them... We should be putting these generals on trial, first for going along with Rummy and just as important for not trusting their soldiers..." FOX News military analyst Col. David Hunt , FOXNews.com, 9/29/07

Option E: "Can't we just stop politicizing the war?" Sean Hannity on Hannity & Colmes, 10/4/07

Option F: "For the first time ever a political party may have a network news organization in its pocket!" Bill O'Reilly, the Factor, 10/05/07

Option G: "What do you mean about Democrats? Are they not smart?" Brian Kilmeade to Ann Coulter, Fox and Friends, 10/02/07