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Neil Cavuto's Version of "Cut the Mic"

Reported by Melanie - October 8, 2007 -

One of the ways Fox fools its viewers into thinking they're getting "fair and balanced" coverage is to invite both a Democrat and a Republican on to debate an issue. Sounds "fair and balanced" on its face but in fact, if the Democrat starts to bring things up that Fox doesn't want its audience to hear, they get cut off, but the Republican is allowed to spin like a top. The first segment today (October 8, 2007) on Fox's "premiere business news" show was a good case in point.

Per the chyron, the topic was "Sen. Clinton's Economic Plan: 'Blueprint' for Higher Taxes?" Cavuto's guests were Jehmu Green, identified as a Democratic strategist, and Richard Collins of StopHerNow.com. After a FOX NEWS ALERT (Cavuto opens virtually every show with a FOX NEWS ALERT), Cavuto introduced the two with:

This is a Fox News Alert. Senator Hillary Clinton delivered her economic blueprint for America. She wants a $50 billion energy fund on top of that $5,000 per newborn college fund and more high paying middle class jobs. These do not come cheap. In the meantime, no tax breaks for the rich. Is this a blueprint then for higher taxes for a lot more than the rich?"

With that he turned to Green and asked what she thought. She said Clinton, "clearly understands that a vibrant middle class is key to economic prosperity in America" and the "policies over the last 6-1/2 years have left the middle class behind." Clinton wants "to make college more affordable," to "make sure that there are jobs..."

Cavuto, interrupted: "Okay. Alright. We can make speeches in a second here, but Richard, your concern is that it's costly, right?"

Collins said this is not, "serious economic policy, this is a political document and it's the same old Clinton ideas that go back to President Clinton...higher taxes on the rich, but that means everybody else will pay." We're "in an economic boom right now and the most important thing is to keep the machine of our economy rolling. Her high taxes, I think, will lead to a stock market collapse and the worst economic problems that have occurred in a long time."

Cavuto said he thinks, "we're heading into a recession" but "I don't think it's going to be anything damning to any individual, it's just cyclical in nature. End of story." But, turning again to Green, he asked if we, "really want to be raising taxes in a slowing economy...would this be very dangerous to do?"

Green said it is, "important to point out" that this plan is "about addressing the irresponsible tax cuts that benefited a very small percentage of the American people. A very few, a very wealthy..."

Cavuto talks over: "I thought, I thought everybody got tax cuts."

Green: "...and to address Mr. Collins' statement about the economic boom we're in, that boom is not affecting all Americans. Our prosperity needs to be shared across the board and that is not happening. The middle class has been left behind. And these are a set of points..."

Throwing both palms up and pushing out toward the camera, Cavuto interrupts with: "Alright. So we. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. I told you about the speech thing. So, we have this issue of the have and the have nots in every administration, right? So are you saying there are more have nots than there were when Bill Clinton was president even though the employment rate is about the same?"

Green: "I'm saying, Neil, that when we grow up we're all taught that we have access to the American dream and right now every baby that is born is burdened with $30,000 in debt that is part of the really irresponsible fiscal policy that we've seen in the last few years...

Cavuto, interrupting: "So, Richard, what she's saying is you gotta put an end to this or there's gonna be hell to pay for everyone and Senator Hillary Clinton is brave enough to do that."

Collins said, "That's nonsense. These are the traditional Democratic talking points." He are at, "almost a 40 year low in the unemployment rate. The stock markets are near altime highs. The economy is doin' great." I think we probably "have a couple more years before we have a pause," but we've seen, "an almost 30 year boom and I don't see us slowing down right now."

Cavuto closed by thanking the two, "even with your respective speeches."

Comment: "Respective speeches?" Check out the video. Seems to me that Collins made a speech, full of misinformation, I might add, but Green could hardly finish a thought. Think you're getting "fair and balanced" news? The guests might represent both sides but next time, watch who gets to get their point across. It'll be the conservative every time.

Oh, and by the way, wouldn't you think that a "business news" show would tell its audience what the closing numbers on the Dow and Nasdaq were before launching into a segment like this? That's a clue folks. This isn't a "business news" show.

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