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John Gibson living in the past about David Brock and Media Matters - treats three-year old article as news

Reported by Chrish - October 8, 2007 -

John Gibson's My Word segment on Thursday 10/04/07 purported to expose more info on Media Matters president David Brock and his close relations with "big name Democrats." For authority, Gibson turned to fellow right-wing author Byron York of the National Review. Unfortunately for Gibson, the column he reference is three years old, making his article rather, um, irrelevant.

Gibson wrote:

"In today's National Review, Byron York has some information on Brock's new book which has a subtitle that reads: "Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy."

Coming from people who make their living taking quotes out of context, misinterpreting, attacking the military and lying, this book promises to be funnier than a Jon Stewart monologue on Bush."

Ooh, new book! I cruised over to Amazon.com and plugged in David Brock - hmm, Blinded by the Right was the most recent book, and that was from 2003 - read it. I pasted in the subtitle Gibson referenced (apparently not wanting to plug Brock's newest by mentioning it by name, teehee) and came up with The Republican Noise Machine: Right Wing Media and How it Corrupts Democracy. Why, that old thing? I read that years ago. So I checked out York's column at NRO and with my super-detective skills read the Editor's note that prefaced the article and saw that it was a reprint of an "expose" York wrote in 2004.

Since he obviously missed them, there were several dead giveaways within York's article:

"Brock has produced a television commercial attacking Limbaugh for comments he made about the Abu Ghraib prison-abuse scandal..."

"...it is probably more accurate to view Media Matters as part of the constellation of groups — ...— that have come together on the left in the last year or so, all aimed at electing a Democratic president this November."

"One Brock aide did opposition research for the recent presidential campaign of Sen. John Edwards; ...; yet another worked on the Wesley Clark presidential campaign..."

"...it seems fair to say that Media Matters is only partly about the media. It is also very much about defeating George W. Bush."

"The right wing is so dominant, Brock writes, that even if Democrats win the presidency this year..."

"Other than a friendly interview by the Today show’s Katie Couric, ..."

So it's not just a matter of being "up" on all the latest political books, it's a matter of not clicking with current events and politics. Kind of scary that he has his own program on a supposed "news" network, wouldn't you say?