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For the Record -- Neil Cavuto is Indifferent As to Wearing Flag Pins

Reported by Melanie - October 5, 2007 -

You may have heard the "breaking news" that, as of years ago, Barack Obama stopped wearing one of those ubiquitous flag pins because, in his opinion, they're substitutes for "true patriotism." Good for him!

That said, I want this on the record: Fox's Neil Cavuto is "not going to judge" people based on whether or not they wear a flag pin.

Cavuto said so today (October 5, 2007) during a segment featuring Alex Bennett, a Sirius Satellite Radio talk show host.

Cavuto to Bennett:

You think Obama is right not to wear it?


Well, it isn't so much a case of right or wrong. It's his choice. I mean, I don't see that wearing a flag pin makes you more patriotic than the next individual.


Well, I agree with that. I always wonder -- a very wise man had told me [see video below] he was pro-choice on flag pins. So I'm not going to judge people who don't wear them versus anyone who does.

Fox's Chris Wallace agrees.

Comment: You never know what might happen or what might change -- the Bushies requiring everyone to wear flag pins or something -- so I thought I'd put this on the record. Here's the video: