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Shocking Anti Rush Limbaugh Commercial Airs On Fox During Studio B

Reported by Donna - October 4, 2007 -

A shocking commercial against President Bush and Rush Limbaugh aired on Fox during the Studio B hour. It featured Iraq War Veteran Brian McGough who said, "More and more troops and veterans of Iraq believe George Bush's military policy has been a disaster. I'm one of them."

He continued, "Rush Limbaugh called vets like me like me phoniy soldiers for telling the truth about Iraq. Rush, the shrapnel I took to my head was real. My traumatic brain injury was real, and my belief that we are on the wrong course in Iraq is real. So, you have the guts to call me a phony soldier to my face. Stop telling lies about my service."

The commercial was run by VV VoteVets.org. At the bottom of the screen it said 'Tell Rush To Stop Insulting Our Troops And Veterans: (800) 282-2882 and said paid for by VoteVets Action Fund.

Comments: It showed the man's traumatic brain injury, another picture of McGough dressed up in his military fatigues and his purple heart.

The big question is -- why is Fox running this commercial? Do they believe Rush and Bush are wrong or do they just need the money?