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Republican Congressman Kingston (GA) commends Rush

Reported by Chrish - October 4, 2007 -

Jack Kingston (R-GA) appeared on FOX and Friends this morning 10/04/07 to announce Congress will be wasting MORE time on a resolution commending Rush Limbaugh for "all his support of the military."

Kingston claimed Limbaugh is "always open to the opposin' views" (roars with laughter) and was "taken out of context." Host Steve Doocy then brought up Bill O'Reilly and the MoveOn ad, and asked if Kingston thinks there is something going on behind the scenes? He does, of course, and goes back even further, to a statement Newt Gingrich made 5 or 6 years ago that was also allegedly misrepresented. These criticisms are assaults on First Amendment rights, he asserted.

Gretchen Carlson chimed in to ask where is it going to end? it's getting more and more vicious. Kingston took that opening to drag Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, and Barbra Streisand into it, claiming that their statements are not attacked by the left nor the right, (!!!!!!) yet when Rush Limbaugh does it, he's a target. It's all a move to get him kicked off the ASRN. General Wes Clark, who Kingston said is a Democrat (sic) candidate for president and a Democrat (sic) operative, laid the card on the table and said as much yesterday. It's all an effort to "censor a right-, cons-, right-wing, if you will, conservative commentator."

Doocy returned to MoveOn.org and MediaMatters.org, saying they are political, leaning to the left, political operatives and poor Rush is just a private citizen. (Tell that to David Brock, who was smeared relentlessly the other night on the O'Reilly Factor.) He's horrified that 41 Senators would go after a private citizen's First Amendment Rights!

Limbaugh's rights are alive and well, and he's exercising them by digging himself a deeper hole. When VoteVets.org took out an ad that denounced Limbaugh's comments, Limbaugh likened afeatured wounded vet to a suicide bomber and insinuated he was being used by the left - as if the vet can't think for himself, exactly as Cindy Sheehan was accused.

Kingston bemoaned that Congress has time for these anti-Rush resolutions but hasn't had a single appropriations bill make it to Bush's desk yet, of course not noting the high level of rancor and outright Republican obstructionism the Demcoratic-controlled Congress is up against. In fact, this is a rare mention on FOX that Congress is not getting work done - because of a strategy ofRepublican filibusters.