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Neil Cavuto Finds Some Protesters He Can Love

Reported by Melanie - October 4, 2007 -

Fox covers protests and then Fox covers protests. On Monday, Ted Kennedy joined a rally sponsored by the Service International Employees Union (SEIU) to protest George Bush's threatened veto of a bill that would renew and expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, "covered" that not by interviewing any of the attendees, but by reacting in disgust to seeing Kennedy in the company of kids, i.e., using "kids as props." Cavuto is against SCHIP for the same reason George Bush is against it -- it smacks of "socialized medicine" (a/k/a less money for drug and insurance companies).

Today (October 4, 2007) Cavuto covered another rally, one protesting "congressional big spenders." This time he interviewed two of the participants and he used the segment to -- what else is new -- bash Democrats.

Cavuto teased the segment prior to a break by saying, "Happening right now -- American citizens marching to Capitol Hill with a message for Congress: Stop spending our money."

After the break and a FOX NEWS ALERT, a chyron appeared at the bottom of the screen: "Nearly 2,000 Taxpayers Descend on Capitol Hill to Protest." Cavuto continued: "More than a thousand" descending on the Capitol, "where they're busy inside finding a lot of ways to spend our money," while citizens have gathered to protest what "they call runaway spending and runaway priorities."

With that, Cavuto introduced his two guests, protest participants Mike Meredith and Jason Moore. Meredith said he is, "tired of government spending money in a wasteful manner." Cavuto, eager to get on with making Democrats look bad (how long has it been that Republicans have controlled the House and Senate?), asked if any congresspeople spoke at the rally. Moore said "Jeff Flake," (R-AZ). Cavuto, "So, any of the Democratic leaders?" Moore said no and Cavuto said, "Not one?!" and then he asked whether the two guys "trust either party."

Meredith, not answering directly said, Congress has a "mentality" that "there's no end to what we can do with other people's money."

Cavuto said, "I think it's sad," because, "at least, listening to all the candidates, the prominent Democratic ones [what about the Republican ones Neil?], it's gimmie-time, you know, whether $5,000 per, you know, newborn child in the United States; for education, ah, providing a bailout for homeowners who got stuck behind their bills. There are a lot of bennies being bandied about. What do you guys think?"

Comment: All the Republicans are calling for big increases in military spending. Doesn't that rate a mention, "fair and balanced" Neil?

Meredith said, "Too often we have citizens who are misguided thinking that the government has its own money and so what does it hurt any if they give me some of it. I mean, that's why I joined a group like Americans for Prosperity...they help give us a voice."

Cavuto asked if it "would make a difference" if "we had a Democratic president," ... if we had "single party rule?"

Moore said, "I think that's a recipe for disaster...If they take over healthcare in America, in my opinion, the economy's sunk." What does government do well? "They only make things worse." Meredith added, "People think you can spend your way to utopia."

Look at the webite of American's for Prosperity. It, as well as these two guys, sound like they've been watching Cavuto for the last two or three years. They hold Cavuto's views. Any wonder he actually covered the rally and interviewed participants, rather than criticizing it from afar?