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IVAW Millard: Congress is wasting time; talk about the war, not Rush or MoveOn

Reported by Chrish - October 4, 2007 -

Iraq veteran Geoffrey Millard, head of the DC chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was a guest on the O'Reilly Factor last night 10/03/07 to take the opposing view against O'Reilly, that Rush Limbaugh should be given the benefit of the doubt for his "phony soldiers" comment. Millard took another tack and said his complaint was that Congress was addressing what is being said, by both Limbaugh and the MoveOn ad, rather than spending their time addressing the war itself and figuring out how to extricate ourselves from it. I'm giving him Top Dog honors for staying calm, on topic, and ignoring O'Reilly's attempts to divert the subject back to what Millard was targeting - talking about the talkers.
With video.

O'Reilly was hell-bent on framing it as the hypocritical farleft who was leading the cry against Limbaugh and who ignored the comment of William Arkin (months ago, mind you; February, in fact, a month after Democrats took control of Congress after 12 years of Republican control) which leads O'Reilly to conclude it's all a partisan charade. (Again, Bill's the Decider who gets to determine what should outrage everyone; differ from his view and you're labeled an extremist.)

Millard stayed on his topic, that Congress and TV news should not be talking about people who are talking about the war, but should rather be talking about the war. When O'Reilly said it's not easy to talk about something that's not within our grasps (he just called the folks dummies but they won't notice), Millard replied that it's not easy, but he didn't ask for easy tasks - he didn't ask for easy when he went to Iraq either.

O'Reilly claimed that "we" have correspondents in Baghdad and they are limited in what they can report, so nobody can grasp the big picture. (Excuses, excuses.) He said "We keep everybody apprised of the situation, which seems to be improving right now," (there's your monthlyapprisal from Bill "we don't do the carnage du jour" O'Reilly) but then said "we can't do it with any certainty because we're not there." Millard reiterated again that we shouldn't be talking about what a few people are saying about the war, we should be talking about the war.

Defeated, O'Reilly went back to the 41 Senators who scolded Limbaugh, claiming they took "trash" from a farleft website, a staggering hypocrisy when they didn't do anything about Arkin, which was 1,000 times worse, because Limbaugh's statement could be taken two ways. He got shrill, ranting about the problem being incompetence and hypocrisy - the rest was drowned out by my loud laughter.

Millard said the hypocrisy (and I think he meant "the problem" as retort to O'Reilly's definition of "the problem") is also the Senate wasting time to vote against the MoveOn ad, also. O'Reilly was ready with the edited graphic, the top only part of the ad that has been shown ad nauseum on FOX, and defended the Senate for that censure against the "smear operation."

This whole conversation was essentially repeated, O'Reilly bringing up Arkin, Millard saying talk about the war and not the people talking about the war. O'Reilly was incredulous that Millard was unfamiliar with the Arkin faux controversey - how many times do we have to report this? (Drip, drip, drip.)

Millard was outstanding, staying on topic and making the valid point that needs to be repeated to these media pinheads - show us the war. Talk about the war. O'Reilly did his usual name-calling smear job of liberals and Democrats. Fair and balanced - I'm still laughing.