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Flag flap gets thumbs up from FOX viewers

Reported by Chrish - October 4, 2007 -

Jim Broussard, an Army veteran, was incensed at a business that was flying the Mexican flag above the American flag, a breach of protocol but not a crime. Broussard took it upon himself to cut down the flags and could now face charges for destruction of private property or something like that. FOX and Friends asked their viewers this morning if Broussard was a "patriot or pinhead" for his actions?

Steve Doocy gave the bar's address and said "some are saying" that the bar owners immigration status should be looked into.

In a later segment (this is the type of story that gets multiple looks because of its "patriotic" overtones even though it has virtually no news value) FOX legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. said they could probably all agree that from a patriotic, moral viewpoint what Broussard did was correct, reinforcing that emotional righteous response that passes for love of country. Actually, someone who loves this country's rule of law and Constitutional system should be embarrassed by his unruly assault on another's private property, and would wish he would have approached the bar owner in a non-threatening manner, voicing his concern and offense but respecting the bar owner's freedom to make his statement. Johnson would defend Broussard, even though he acknowledged the impropriety and likely illegality of the act, based on the understandable emotional response of the vet.

FOX viewers emailed in 500 responses and overwhelmingly declared Broussard a patriot - imagine that.

Note the connection to O'Reilly's newest feature, Pinheads and Patriots, that replaced his "Most Ridiculous Item." O'Reilly appears daily on F&F in a promo recorded the day before wherein he tells viewers what they'll see "tonight on the Factor."