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Discussion About Limbaugh Controversy Used To Smear Democrats/MoveOn/Media Matters

Reported by Ellen - October 4, 2007 -

In typical FOX News fashion, on last night's (10/3/07) Hannity & Colmes, the Rush Limbaugh “phony soldiers” controversy was used to promote attacks on Democrats, MoveOn.org and Media Matters while mostly skirting the issue of what Limbaugh said, his regular tactics of smearing those with whom he disagrees, and as Media Matters put it, his revisionist history of explanations for his remarks. “Fair and balanced” Hannity & Colmes had no MoveOn defenders, no representative from Media Matters nor any Democratic spokesperson on the panel to respond to the attacks. With video.

Bullyboy Sean Hannity, so uncritical (some might even say he approves) of conservative hate-spewers, was suddenly a mass of sensitivity over criticisms of poor, misunderstood Limbaugh. Hannity soothed his wounded feelings in the usual manner: by attacking Democrats: In this case, Barack Obama, John Murtha, Harry Reid, John Kerry.

The priggish Monica Crowley wasted no time following suit. I once respected Crowley’s intellect but she kept up a steady stream of invective and parroted tired right-wing talking points (the Democrats have been taken over by MoveOn, that Limbaugh had adequately explained his remarks, that he had only referred to one soldier, etc.) without offering anything to the discussion beyond her ability to out-shrill everyone else on the panel. Maybe she’s hoping to work at FOX News again. If so, she probably just got the job. Apparently, the allegations of plagiarism against her are no biggie to the "real journalism" network. They have put her on at least twice this week.

The other guest was Geraldo Rivera. He, of all people, kept complaining about the sensationalism of the issue, that the media should be talking about more important issues. His way of opposing Crowley was to condemn both MoveOn and Limbaugh.

Meanwhile, Crowley’s attacks on Democrats were tolerated (though rebutted by Colmes) while Limbaugh’s prevarications went largely unaddressed. Media Matters has an excellent rundown of Limbaugh’s “Revisionist History.”

Rivera did get in one excellent line at the end. “If you’re gonna be a tough guy, and you’re gonna say ‘in your face, I’m in your face every day. I represent one narrow spectrum of the American political voice.’ And then if (unintelligible), then you’ve gotta be man enough to take the fight.”

Part Two of the two-part discussion is below. You can watch the first part here.