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Shepard Smith Says PETA Is Helping Michael Vick's Legal Case

Reported by Donna - October 3, 2007 -

Shepard Smith said that Michael Vick took an empathy and animal interest course, an 8 hour course and he said that there was word that Michael Vick would be doing a public interest commercial for Peta.

Peta representative, Dan Shannon, said there was no truth to Vick doing a public interest commercial for Peta but he did take the course.

This is when Smith started beating on Shannon that Peta was helping out Vick's legal case by allowing him to take the course.

Smith said that the president of Peta put it on her press release that she knows Michael Vick did this to help his legal course.

Smith repeated it over and over and Shannon insisted that they wanted Vick to go to jail for as long as possible. Smith said that Peta is letting Vick use them. Smith got mad and said that his president knows why and has it on her press release.

Shannon said over and over that Michael Vick should go to jail for as long as possible. Smith became sarcastic and kept repeating that Peta's president said it was helping Vick with his court case and you can't have it both ways.

Comments: Everyone, including Michael Vick is allowed to take Peta's ethical animal course. Yes, it will probably help Vick with his case but isn't it better that he took the course? Smith sounded like he had a personal vendetta out for Peta. And Smith reporting Vick would make a public announcement commercial was false.