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O'Reilly continuing Radio Factor another "season" to combat "farleft Internet insanity"

Reported by Chrish - October 3, 2007 -

O'Reilly plugged his radio show tonight in hisTalking Points Memo, 10/03/07, saying he was extending the show another season and told viewers they could become billoreillyDOTcom premium members and hear it on the website or on satellite radio since "many of you are working." Ahem. Most of O'Reilly's viewers are retired and over 70 and probably do neither 'net nor satellite, and wonder why anyone would pay to hear a radio show anyway? But this was merely a way to promote himself and provide a segue into his favorite topic: how awful the farleft and Democrats are.

O'Reilly told viewers "here's how insane things have gotten: 41 Democratic Senators 'took the time' to condemn Rush Limbaugh for a 'cloudy statement' he made on the radio." Got that backpedal? "Cloudy statement."

I recall jubilant reporting of the Senate's 72:25 vote to condemn MoveOn's language in a newspaper advertisement - I think we passed insane a coupla weeks ago and are now firmly ensconsed in the land of complete idiocy.

But even though he has softened his stance on Limbaugh's remarks somewhat, O'Reilly still defends his conservative compatriot and declared that "all Americans are entitled to the benfit of the doubt" if there is one, and there certainly is one here. In a "Hey, look over here!!" move, he referenced something Barack Obama said in the past and said "we" gave him the benefit of the doubt, to prove how reasonable and non-partisan he is. Then he cried "Look! Look over here!' and referenced what William Arkin wrote some months ago on a Washington Post blog, and O'Reilly complained that Reid didn't condemn that, which was far worse.

He concluded "the Limbaugh thing" is a partisan charade "engineered by the farleft to divert attention away from the MoveOn Petraeus ad." O'Reilly said it is extremely troubling that US Senators would buy into these smear tactics - just like he said 12 days ago when they condemned MoveOn after a farright effort engineered to divert attention away from the actual content of the ad and the fact that Petraeus WAS shoring up the administration's case for continuation of the escalation. What? Oh. Never mind.

But he and I agree on something:

"This country is under siege by ideologues who use fascist tactics and a corrupt mainstream media to spread their defamation. It is well past time for all Americans to revolt against this kind of insanity and dishonesty. Only the folks can stop the madness. Do not support the smear merchants in any way."

For the most recent listing of O'Reilly advertisers, go here or go here for FOX advertisers, and like he said, don't support them.