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Cavuto Airs His Eighth Segment Bashing MoveOn, While Simultaneously Defending Rush Limbaugh

Reported by Melanie - October 3, 2007 -

One of Neil Cavuto's guests today (October 3, 2007) was Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. McConnell was allegedly on to defend Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" remark but in fact the segment was one that consisted more of bashing MoveOn.org and Democrats. By the way, Cavuto has never told his audience what Rush Limbaugh actually said. If there are people out there who watch nothing but Cavuto, all they know is that Rush said something about "phony soldiers."

Cavuto introduced McConnell this way:

Well, no rush from Rush. So far there are no reports of advertisers bailing on Rush Limbaugh. His boss over at Clear Channel continues to defend him. This as Democrats blast the conservative talk show host for his phony soldiers comment.

My next guest is also supporting Rush and he's a pretty powerful guy in his own right. Ah, Senator, they still whack him. Any body blows?

Don't you love the way that's worded? Rush's advertisers aren't "bailing;" his boss is supporting him; and a "pretty powerful guy" is getting ready to defend him. So what's the big deal? Oh yeah, it's those Democrats. They're "whacking" poor Rush, giving "the conservative talk show host" "body blows" because, well, because he's a conservative.


Look, I read what he had to say. He's got nothing to apologize for and he said nothing to be condemned for.

The Democrats are just trying to move past this outrageous ad in the New York Times by MoveOn.org, calling General Petraeus, in effect, a traitor. Ah, I don't know, when we actually voted on that about half the Democrats in the Senate voted with us to condemn the ad. They had a similar vote over in the House and more than half the Democrats also voted to condemn the ad. [This news undoubtedly came as a shock to Cavuto's audience.) That was something worth condemnation. Rush Limbaugh didn't say anything that he should regret or that we should condemn him for.

Having successfully obscured whatever Limbaugh said with a rant about MoveOn, the two went on to bash Democrats in general, who, according to McConnell, are holding "excessive numbers of Iraq votes," they're "refusing to cooperate on almost anything," and they're, "refusing to solve some of the big problems of the country, like Social Security."

While McConnell spoke, Fox showed full-screen and split-screen pictures of the MoveOn ad, as well as video of Harry Reid and Limbaugh.

This is the eighth segment, including these and the one linked to above, that Fox's premiere "business news" show has aired about the MoveOn/Petraeus ad. Cavuto's audience knows a lot about that ad, but nothing -- beyond "phony soldiers" -- about what Limbaugh said. Fair and balanced?

P.S. Nor do they know this about Mitch McConnell:

On Wednesday, September 19th, a proposal put forward by Senate Democrats that would have required that American troops be given as much time at home as they had spent overseas before being redeployed fell 4 votes short of the 60 needed to prevent a filibuster.

Forty-three Republican Senators, including Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), voted against the amendment to specify minimum periods between deployment of units and members of the Armed Forces deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

A poll released by the Lexington Herald-Leader yesterday found 55% of Kentucky voters disapproved of McConnell's position on Iraq. [Washington Post, 9/19/07]