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O'Reilly says men shouldn't be left alone with small children in any context - come on!!!

Reported by Chrish - October 2, 2007 -

Now I don't want to take anything out of context so let me set it up: on the Factor last night 10/01/07, Bill O'Reilly was discussing the very upsetting story about the video that's surfaced depicting the rape of a very small child. Guest Bob Massi was also outraged. But without knowing anything about the circumstances of the crime or the recording of it, O'Reilly stated that authorities should be looking at charging the mother with neglect, at the very least, and made his obligatory outrageous statement.

O'Reilly always has to have a villain, a target for viewer's outrage. Virtually everyone condemns this crime so O'Reilly had to create a bad guy besides the obvious, the perpetrator, who has everyone united - can't have that! So he went after the little girl's mother for her lack of judgment and inattention, without knowing the facts. He didn't even know who the "main players" in the situation were until Massi laid it out for him. Both insinuated that the mother or other persons might have been complicit either before or as part of a cover-up.

How can he blame her without knowing the circumstances? Why, make up a hard and fast rule that was apparently broken:

"You don't allow a three-year-old girl, or boy, to go with a man, unsupervised, in any context, Bob!" and a minute later "And again, you can't have a house, as Allen did, or an apartment, and then allow - it was not only the three-year-old, there was another child in the videotape, not molested police say - in a room, with a guy! You don't allow that! That doesn't happen!"

O'Reilly said there were things that might exonerate the mother, though he wasn't about to do that, and he said we need clarity (a.k.a. FACTS) on this.

O'Reilly recently railed about the media trying people (using the Duke lacrosse players as the prime example) without knowing all the facts, yet here he is doing it himself. Now there's a false divide - there are those who think they've got it figured out (and if it turns out they are correct there will be much "I told you so" crowing) and those who are just as sickened but are waiting for the story to unfold. There's a certain competitiveness on exhibit here, a desire to "scoop" the other networks which requires a suspension of journalistic professionalism. But this is nothing new, to O'Reilly or on FOX.

"So once again, we don't know what to believe, but that doesn't stop the media from speculating all over the place." O'Reilly was in exactly the same headspace then (about 13 months ago) as he is now - on defense and lashing out, trying to keep a personal controversey alive for ratings yet calling other media out for trying to riff off his ratings, and trying to convince viewers that the media is corrupt and untrustworthy - except him, of course.

Like his unintentional insult to black Americans, O'Reilly in his zeal has just taken a broad swipe at men. I see the context, I understand the context, but it's an outrageous statement and he should know by now, for chrissake, words matter.

And just so he knows, it does happen. Men care for children. Men help dress and bathe children, and nap with them, and cuddle with them, and it's all good. Until we know the facts let's assume the woman was guilty of trusting, nothing more.