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Fox Says Democrats Exploit Children Like Saddam Hussein Did

Reported by Melanie - October 2, 2007 -

Yesterday the Service Workers International Union (SEIU) and "hundreds of children" and "consumers," held a rally in Washington, D.C., to "protest President Bush's expected veto of legislation that would provide health coverage to nearly 10 million children whose families cannot afford private health insurance." Ted Kennedy joined the rally and delivered this message.

According to ABC News, he also said this, which I think is so good:

Questioning Bush's rationale for veto, Kennedy added: 'Anytime that this president wants to go to the doctor, he goes to the Walter Reed Army Hospital or the Bethesda Naval Hospital. These are run by the military. The White House says we can't have health care because it's run by the government. Who in the world do you think runs the Walter Reed Hospital and the Navy Bethesda Hospital that the president goes to? It's run by the Defense Department and they find it quite satisfactory.'

Fox News is having a fit about this bill, which many Republicans supported (it obviously passed both the House and the Senate). The Republicons want Bush to veto it because they see it as another step in a slow creep toward "socialized medicine," and because they don't want government money paid to people who might be pressured and coerced into buying health insurance, thus enriching their insurance industry buddies.

Anyway, Cavuto did a segment about this yesterday, during which the chairman of GOPAC lied and said Democrats didn't denounce MoveOn over the Patraeus ad. Today (October 2, 2007), Fox was at it again. This time their theme was about Democrats "using kids as props." Cavuto's two guests had a you've-heard-it-all-before "discussion," with the conservative Ben Ferguson crying about how awful it is to exploit children and the "liberal," Julian Epstein pointing out that politicians have been "kissing babies" since time began and besides, what about, for example, this, this (look at the book Bush is holding), and this.

The noteworthy part about the segment was Fox's intro. They showed video of the rally and then a picture of Saddam Hussein meeting with a young boy just prior to the start of the first Gulf war, i.e., only people like Saddam Hussein use "kids as props." Yeah? And only fascist propagandists would air a segment like this.

Here's the video: