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Fox & Friends Beats Up on Harry Reid and Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) Over Rush Limbaugh

Reported by Donna - October 2, 2007 -

Fox and Friends spent several segments talking about Rush Limbaugh's comment on soldiers who come back from the war in Iraq and protests - 'phony soliders.' They went after Sen Tom Harkin (D-IA) for saying he might be 'high on drugs' to make such a remark. Think Progress has the story here.

Fox and Friends also went after Democratic Senator Harry Reid for him asking Rush Limbaugh to write a letter to recant calling these soldiers 'phony.'

They beat on it segment after segment. As far as the Harkin issue is concerned Fox and Friends thought that 'personal problems' shouldn't be brought into it. Then Kilmeade started ranting about Murtha.

Comment: Personal problems shouldn't be brought into it? Rush Limbaugh is a public figure and if he's going to call our soldiers phony, he should be called on it. Fox & Friends seemed to think this was retribution for Moveon.org.