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Fox & Friends Beat On President Clinton Who Said If You Act Like Jack Bauer, And You're Wrong, You're Going To Have To Face The Consequences

Reported by Donna - October 2, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends they showed a clip of President Clinton saying that if someone might have to take the chances that Jack Bauer took, but they would have to know that they may have to pay the price for it if they were wrong.

Kilmeade wanted to know what you do with Al Qaeda. They had a Fox guest, Mike Baker, former CIA Operative on who said that it is a gray moment sometimes and that the CIA operative has to meke that decision. He said that the U.S. does not condone torture.

Kilmeade said he can't imagine that the CIA guys are happy with the answer the former President gave.

Comment: This morning show was a complete unfair and unbalanced look at anything and everything the Democrats do with no one on the other side to balance it out.