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Ann Coulter Upset That The Today Show Tried To Mainstream Her

Reported by Donna - October 2, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends they had Ann Coulter on to discuss her new book. She complained that they tried to 'mainstream' her on the Today Show and wouldn't talk about her book which had all her career ending statements in it. She kidded with the gang that there were about 20 times.

Kilmeade said, "What do you mean about Democrats? Are they not smart?"

Coulter replied with one of her statements that if Democrats had any brains they'd back away from the impeachment.

Comment: How many times is Fox going to have this ridiculous caricature of a person on? Her whole purpose is to say outtrageous things about Democrats and make money off of the radical righties who buy her books. Coulter isn't even worth the time. It was a complete unfair and unbalanced interview on Fox since they agreed with her on everything she said. Kilmeade even helped her by asking "What do you mean about Democrats? Are they not smart?"