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Poppies Will Make Them Sleep...

Reported by Donna - October 1, 2007 -

Today on Studio B they had Lt Col Bill Cowan, FNC Military Analyst on to talk about the poppies in Afghanistan. The real war on terror, Afghanistan, is having record highs on it's production of poppy, which of course translates into heroin.

Cowan said that we don't have enough NATO and U.S. troops over there to take care of the problem. He said as soon as we would clear an area the Taliban moves right back in and takes over again. He said the opium production is the highest it's ever been. He said the Taliban had a better grip on the situation than the government.

Comments; When the Taliban had control before the war, they did away with the poppiies. Now the Taliban is in control again and opium production is at it's highest. They're using the money to fight NATO and our forces in Afghanistan. So much for taking care of Afghanistan. We've done nothing but make the situation worse and we have the war, based on lies, in Iraq that we're losing.

The situation is FUBAR all over - how can one president make so many mistakes?