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FOXNews.com pretends to give Limbaugh story coverage, reposts same article with different headlines three times

Reported by Chrish - October 1, 2007 -

FOXNews.com posted an article on September 29th titled "Edwards Criticizes Limbaugh's Comments", written by AP writer Holly Ramer. The exact same story had already been posted September 28th, titled "Dems Criticize Limbaugh's Comments." A shortened version of it was also published September 28th, titled "Democrats Criticize Rush Limbaugh's 'Phony Soldiers' Remark". So a search of the site gives the illusion that FOX is following the story when in fact they are diligently ignoring it; what coverage they've allowed has been spun to focus on Democrats, not fellow foot-soldier Rush.

After the excess of coverage of the MoveOn.org ad - I won't call it reporting - it will be interesting to see how much coverage chickenhawk Limbaugh's snide troop-bashing will warrant.