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Fox Helps the GOP Lie About the Democrats' Response to the "Betrayus" Ad

Reported by Melanie - October 1, 2007 -

Or, When Will Wimpy Democrats Learn That Succumbing to GOP Pressure Gets Them Nowhere?

One of Neil Cavuto's guests today (on his "business news" show), was Michael Steele, the chairman of GOPAC. The topic was, "Democrats team up with MoveOn.org," and it centered around Ted Kennedy who joined MoveOn members and others outside the White House today (October 1, 2007) to urge George Bush not to veto the SCHIP bill, which funds, and slightly expands, health insurance coverage for children.

Video below.

Naturally, the meat of the bill, which Fox apparently opposes because it costs too much and it supposedly moves us one scintilla closer to "socialized medicine," didn't get much attention, but MoveOn and Democrats did. Cavuto introduced Steele, and alleged "Democratic Strategist" Regina Calcaterra (who looks more like a corporate lobbyist to me), by talking about the rally and MoveOn's presence there, saying that Kennedy associated himself with MoveOn (never mind the bill), "despite the backlash" against them, and, "my next guest says that rallies like this will only help the GOP." Then he turned to Steele and asked why he thought that.


Well, you know, I don't think it's so much in terms of party, but I think in terms of exposing exactly what the Democrats are up to here. I mean, they're using MoveOn.org as an extension of their political operations and the reality of it is that, um, no one backtracked. No one moved away from, no one really condemned the ad against General Petraeus. I mean, there was a deafening silence on the side of Democrats and here we are, just a few weeks later. Ted Kempery [sic] and company just, you know, toeing the line and getting in line with these guys to get them to come and stir up the trouble again. So, I think people look at it that and call it for what it is, and the GOP, yeah, there's some benefit to it because we've been saying all along, look at who they associate with, look at who they affiliate with and that tells the whole story.

Comment: Some "Democratic Strategist" Calcaterra is! That lie didn't even register. She didn't say a thing about it and of course Cavuto, who claims to be a "news" man and a "journalist," didn't correct Steele either. The fact is, 22 timid Democrats bowed to right wing pressure and voted to condem the ad lest they be painted as unsupportive of the troops (never mind free speech). They undoubtedly thought they'd get "bad press" if they voted "no," but look, they're getting it anyway! It's as if the vote never happened. When will they ever learn?!!

(This is the sixth segment Cavuto has aired about MoveOn since the "Betrayus" story broke. He has not said a word though about Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" remark.)

Here's video if you want to see the lie for yourself. Sorry it's in two parts. In total, it lasts about 1.15 minutes.

Part I

Part II