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Cavuto Implies That the Clintons Had Multiple Episodes of Common Marriages, Or Something Like That

Reported by Melanie - October 1, 2007 -

Fox's "business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, said this today (October 1, 2007) during an interview with Ann Romney, who has been married to Mitt for 33 years:

This idea that maybe Americans don't care about things like that -- being married to the same person all these years -- ah, maybe after the Clinton episodes of, where multiple marriages seem to be common -- Rudy Giuliani is on his third wife -- no one seems to care. Should we?

Comment: So, let's see. The Clintons had common marriages or episodes of multiple marriages or lots of marriages that were common or...what the hell is he talking about?! I know it's blame-a-Clinton-all-the-time-for-everything on Fox, but this is nuts. Then again, this seems to me to be irrefutable evidence that they are in fact going nuts.