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Warmongering Against Iran Gets More Time Than Diplomacy On “Fair and Balanced” Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - September 30, 2007 -

FOX News hosted another warmongering session during Friday night's (9/28/07) Colmes. The sole guest was Dan Senor, former CPA spokesperson in Iraq, and the host of FOX News’ upcoming special, “Iran: Ticking Bomb.” During the approximately 4 ½ minute discussion, warhawk Sean Hannity got nearly 2:30 to proselytize, I mean talk with Senor while Alan Colmes’ portion was cut off after about 1:40, just as he was asking some very tough questions. With video.

Hannity’s war council lasted until about 3 minutes into the segment. Predictably, Senor made an analogy between Iran and Nazi Germany. He also made the baseless claim to a credulous Hannity that Ahmadinejad “advocates a second (holocaust).”

If you factor the approximately 30 seconds he spent on the introduction, that left Hannity about 2:30 of chatting time with Senor. But Colmes’ portion, which began at about 3 minutes in, lasted only until about 4:42 when Hannity interrupted and ended the segment. Surely there could be no correlation between Colmes’ shorter portion and the fact that he was grilling Senor in a way rarely seen in the mainstream media, not on "fair and balanced" FOX News!

Colmes began by noting that Senor was formerly part of the Bush administration that “misled us into war” with Iraq, that the rhetoric being used against Iran is the same we heard in the run-up to the Iraq war and that demonizing Ahmadinejad is disingenuous and misleading because he’s not really in charge of Iran.

After debating the dangers posed by the clerics who really run Iran, Colmes asked, “Don’t we think we should have some proper intelligence before we start ramping up emotions, talking about a war with Iran, talking about bombing another country, talking about going into another country militarily?”

No, Senor didn't seem to think so. He responded that while Saddam Hussein said he didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, “Ahmadinejad has said he has passed the crucial threshold to enrich uranium because he’s got 3000 centrifuges.”

And, just as they said before the Iraq war, the International Atomic Energy Agency says there is no imminent threat. 10 days earlier, IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei said about Iran, "I do not believe at this stage that we are facing a clear and present danger that requires we go beyond diplomacy." And just like in 2003, Hannity and FOX News seem determined to ignore ElBaradei’s assessment, even though he was proven 100% right last time.

But as soon as Senor finished his answer, Hannity ended the discussion.