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FOX News Military Analyst: Our Generals Are Betraying Our Soldiers … Again

Reported by Ellen - September 29, 2007 -

FOX News military analyst Col. David Hunt has a column on FOXNews.com called, Top Military Officials are a Disgrace to Those They Lead and he uses the "b" word right in the first sentence. Will the U.S. Senate pass a resolution condemning him? Will Hannity & Colmes be discussing this night after night? Why does FOX News allow such language coming from Hunt when it spent so much time denouncing it from MoveOn.org?

Hunt's article begins:

Our generals are betraying our soldiers … again

Later in the piece, Hunt states:

Our generals in both the Army and Marine Corps have cared more about their precious careers and reputations than their soldiers and Marines under them... We should be putting these generals on trial, first for going along with Rummy and just as important for not trusting their soldiers...

It ends with the following:

These poor excuse for officers do not deserve the soldiers they dare claim they lead. We as a nation had better go out and find us another Marshall, who at the beginning of World War II fired hundreds of senior officers because they were not cutting it. We need him today, as many of our senior officers are way overdue for a one-way trip to the woodshed.

H/TThink Progress

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