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Rush Limbaugh still getting kid-glove treatment on FOXNews.com

Reported by Chrish - September 28, 2007 -

As noted this morning, FOXNews.com was not covering the story of Rush Limbaugh's insulting comment, calling some US troops who criticize the Iraq war or call for an end to it "phony soldiers" who show up "out of the blue." Read full background at MediaMatters.org.

As of 7pm EDT there are two links to stories on the FOX webpage, but note that although they are titled differently and have seperate links, they are the same AP story and are entitled to shift focus to Democrats: Dems Criticize Limbaugh's Comments and Democrats Criticize Rush Limbaugh's 'Phony Soldiers' Remark.

Seeing as this is Friday night, fully expect FOX to ignore all weekend (no special on this one!) and dismiss as old news by Monday, unlike with the MoveOn ad, when there was round-the-clock outrage for two weeks with a weekend special to keep the story alive.

FOX doesn't have talking points in place for this - what could they say? "Taken out of context" just doesn't fool too many people when there is a transcript and audio recording, although Limbaugh did try to defend himself today with an edited tape. Keep diggin', maybe he can keep it alive over the weekend all by himself! But expect FOX to continue to ignore, partisan hacks that they are. This is a great example of how they are unfair and unbalanced - having Kirsten Powers on with Michelle Malkin is meaningless window dressing. This gatekeeping of what gets covered is the real meat of the matter.