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Not a Word About Limbaugh But Plenty of Time for MoveOn

Reported by Melanie - September 28, 2007 -

Following up on Chrish's post, below ("NO mention, zip, zero, zilch, of Rush Limbaugh 'phony soldiers' remark"), I can report that Neil Cavuto didn't say a word today (September 28, 2007) about Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldier" remark either. But after reviewing my notes, I am reminded of how much time Cavuto spent bashing MoveOn.org for their "Betrayus" ad a few weeks ago.

September 12, 2007. Cavuto hosted two segments. The chyrons summarize the topic:

- Dem. Candidates Refuse Calls to Denounce MoveOn.

- Did MoveOn.org Bury Itself With the Betrayus Ad?

September 13, 2007. Cavuto hosted one segment. This was the chyron:

- NY Times Gives MoveoOn.org Deep Discount for Ad - NY Post.

September 14, 2007. Two segments:

- Declining to Denounce MoveOn is Cowardly (featuring former NYC mayor, Ed Koch).

- Freedom's Watch Matt David Demanding MoveOn Discount for Its Ad.

And as an aside, Jason Mattera of the "Young American's Foundation" was Cavuto's guest on September 20, 2007. He said John Murtha "owes our troops an apology for calling the Haditha Marines murderers." (Rush apparently picked up on that today while trying to, ahem, defend his phony soldier comment.) Here's video of Mattera cornering Murtha, which Cavuto played during the segment.

Comment: So there you have it folks. "Fair and balanced news" doesn't quite fit, now does it?