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Bill O'Reilly, In Payback Frenzy, Goes After Boulder High School Again

Reported by Deborah - September 28, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly, the man who believes he was unfairly smeared this week by Media Matters, CNN, NBC and just about anyone who uttered his name in connection with the racially charged comments he made, decided to redeem himself tonight by doing the very same thing to Boulder High School again. Bill claimed he wanted to show his viewers two places where the "far left has seized power" so they could decide if this is the world they wanted. That's why he decided to demonize a group of decent kids and their school.

As most of our readers will recall, Bill O'Reilly started his first Boulder High School attack at the end of May 07 and continued the ruthless campaign until June 21.

So what was the great outrage at Boulder High School to motivate the beginning of another ridiculous campaign from Bill O'Reilly? Fifty students walked out of class to protest saying the Pledge of Allegiance in it's current form and assembled peacefully to recite an alternate pledge omitting " one nation under God". Here is an AP report about the incident.

O'Reilly invited Dan Caplis to lend support. Caplis had already started the attack earlier this week. O'Reilly said to Caplis, "Caplis, your Boulder is out of control. Run by loons'. Caplis responded in a nasty tone, " Little teen secular progressives force their will on the majority."

Then O'Reilly started personally attacking the students." We talked to these dopey kids." After showing a picture of the group he continued the attacks. " Look at them! They don't know the issue. They don't care."

After spending a couple minutes smearing Boulder High Principal, Bud Jenkins, O'Reilly gave a history lesson. He informed the students that "under God" was inserted to distinguish us from
the "communist hoardes" after the war.

He wrapped it all up with the most outrageous slur of all asking Caplis, " Do you think they were stoned?"

comment: One of the Boulder students who appeared on The Factor during the first Boulder Crusade, Mansur Gidfar, is preparing a post for News Hounds to answer O'Reilly's attack. He and his friends are extremely upset that the school and community will be targeted by O'Reilly's army of haters again.