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This is what we get for wanting to be entertained even as we watch "news"

Reported by Chrish - September 27, 2007 -

FOX attributes its popularity and ratings to their personalities on air and their flashy, "hip" graphics and presentation. News now has to be served up to the attention-deficit generation with flash and speed, with just enough substance to convince them they are being informed. It's nowhere more apparent than on the moronic FOX and Friends show, which presents the talking points for the day with a very generous helping of gossip, tripe, and juvey humor.

Today 9/27/07 we got a huuuuge dose of potty humor - almost 2 minutes of national airtime regarding Brian Kilmeade's habit of leaving the co-ed bathroom's toilet seat up. Viewers were asked to email their opinions, and god help us, some did. How on earth can anyone take these people seriously? Good grief.