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Thin-skinned intolerant Bill Donohue calls for boycott of Miller, calls opposing guest "loser"

Reported by Chrish - September 27, 2007 -

After a brief segment on the Democratic debate in New Hampshire last night (we heard from each candidate whether they favor the Red Sox or Yankees - now that's helpful information) and the up-side to all the mortgage foreclosures, (happy bankruptcy and financial ruin stories always warm my heart), thin-skinned Catholic League president Bill Donohue was brought on to vent his outrage at an upcoming gay event in San Francisco. He called for a boycott of Miller Brewing Company and declared that even though the residents of San Francisco were not offended by an ad for the event or the event itself, "It offends me, and that's what matters."

The ad depicts a take-off on the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting of the Last Supper with men and women in leather standing in for the Apostles and sex toys on the table. This is not the first time the Last Supper painting has been ripped off or parodied: see other examples here.

Donohue is of course outraged at the sexual content and the homosexual connection, even though, as Fred Kuhr, "In Newsweekly" editor pointed out, there is no nudity or sexual touching in the photo. Two segments were devoted to Donohue's outrage and anger, mostly directed at Miller Brewing for their sponsorship. He said Miller doesn't know what they're in for; the Catholic League is putting the offensive (to him) pictures up on their website - the men in leather, the dildoes, the sex toys, everything. If his members are blissfully unaware, well, he's going to change that and get them all pissed off and upset, and he'll bring the righteous wrath down on the beer company. I wonder how many Catholics working for Miller will be adversely affected by his actions?

Kuhr was allowed a few words before Donohue interrupted and overtalked, shouted and insulted, and basically ran away with the mic. Kuhr was allowed thirty seconds unopposed and made the point that the Sopranos rip-off should be more offensive, as they were known for indiscriminately killing people. Donohue was given the last word, and said "Fred, you shouldn't go on TV again. You're a loser." He threatened Miller again and said Anhueser-Busch and Coors would be the big winners (both big right-wing Republican donors, what a coinky-dink). He's going to put all the whips and chains, the bondage and the jockstraps, up on the CL website and "if Miller wants to defend this depravity, go ahead - you just lost this war."

Kuhr was allowed to ask if calling someone a loser is a Catholic value, and bombastic Donohue twisted it into "telling the truth - that's a Catholic value."

If Bill Donohue represents Catholics they might have just lost a few more adherents. What a hateful, intolerant man. Of course, he's a regular on FOX.