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O'Reilly rages against the news media, declares it all untrustworthy - tactic: isolation

Reported by Chrish - September 27, 2007 -

Tonight's Talking Points memo 9/26/07 claimed that Media Matters and the "corrupt press" are "on the run" as the machine that is FOX News bitched all day that Media Matters published transcript and audio of Bill O'Reilly's incredulous report that Sylvia's in Harlem was patronized by regular, civilized people, even though the ownership and much of the patronage is African-American. Now as I've said, I don't think O'Reilly meant to be racist but the fact is, he offended a lot of people with his insensitive statements and should apologize. LOL, I crack myself up. O'Reilly will only dig in his heels, insist he was taken out of context, and viciously attack his critics.
With video.

O'Reilly accused all the outlets (farleft, smear merchants, in bed with the farleft) of lying about what was said and again urged people to listen to the unedited tape at his website (without mentioning that the premium membership will cost you $50 a year.) You can listen to it for free and/or read the whole transcript right here.

O'Reilly asserted again that the reason CNN picked the story up from MM is because they are "getting hammered" in the ratings and named the NY Daily News, a direct competitor of News Corp-owned sister company The New York Post, as a most egregious offender. He named (with graphics) 5 outlets who "ran unfair and dishonest pieces about this ridiculous situation" and laughed at CBS' desciption of Media Matters as a "watchdog group," and then named 3 who were "fair," who didn't see his comments as offensive or racist.

But the big deal is that the "fabricated story" on Media Matters was picked up by mainstream media in an effort to diminish him and FOX News. The entire radio segment (he plugged his website again) was an attack on racism, and he cited a poll on AOL that currently said 60% of people said the comments were not offensive. (5 hours later it is still at 60%. Are they using ES&S?) He declared it a tragedy that the press is no longer honest, because CNN wants his ratings and the Daily News is miffed that the NYPost has passed them in circulation.

O'Reilly charged that MM has attacked him (quoted, transcribed...) 109 times in the past year and every non-liberal politician and commentator in this country has been smeared by them, but there's no scrutiny of MM in the media because - "they're watchdogs," he giggled.

He summed it all up:

"With the exposure of MoveOn over the Petraeus incident and the blatant dishonesty of MM and their "water carriers," Americans should be very skeptical of the news media - no longer can it be trusted."

And that, folks, in a nutshell, is The Agenda. It has been for yeeeears, all this drivel about the so-called liberal media and the assertion of a uniquely fair delivery of news. It's FOX's raison d'etre, to dismantle the mainstream media, destroy trust, and leave people so confused and misinformed that they either throw up their hands in exasperation or glom onto someone they feel they CAN trust - Papa Bear himself.

(Note: In the next segment with Al Sharpton, after a discussion of the Jena case, O'Reilly asked Sharpton his opinion on the comments. Sharpton said essentially he didn't want to comment until he had a chance to listen to the tapes himself and would come back to give his assessment, BUT what he had read was "disturbing and surprising," and he added "the stuff of being surprised that blacks didn't act up, you can understand why people would be offended by that, I'd be offended," and O'Reilly said "if that was what was said, but it wasn't." Sharpton reiterated that he wanted to listen to the tapes for himself to be as fair to O'Reilly as O'Reilly has been to him. Uh-oh.)