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Now That’s Rich! Hannity And Bozell Complain About Couric’s Lack Of Journalistic Integrity While Making Baseless Accusations That She Pandered To MoveOn.Org

Reported by Ellen - September 27, 2007 -

CBS Anchorwoman Katie Couric dared to speak critically about the Bush administration’s rationale for the Iraq war – not during a newscast (though she said she had no problem bringing her thoughts forward during one) but during an interview with the National Press Club. Naturally, the FOX News bullies clobbered her for it. Despite claiming concern on last night's (9/26/07) Hannity & Colmes about journalistic principles, guest Brent Bozell smeared Couric with unfounded allegations that she “genuflect(ed) at the altar of MoveOn.org” and Sean Hannity enthusiastically went along. With video.

In his scripted introduction, Alan Colmes stated, “Katie pulled back the curtains on her personal feelings on the war in Iraq, prompting questions why a network anchor would blur the lines, some say, between a network commentator and news person.” That’s pretty funny coming from a news network that has no problem with Sean Hannity fundraising for Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and with the wife of its chief campaign reporter, Carl Cameron, campaigning for then-candidate George W. Bush with his sister.

Rather than debate the issue of where the line between journalism and commentary falls, Hannity and conservative media critic Brent Bozell spent most of their time lambasting Couric and CBS. There was no representative from CBS, not even another guest with a differing opinion - another departure from journalistic standards.

“There’s the problem with CBS… They can’t tell the difference between news and opinion any more,” Bozell laughably said.

Bozell claimed that because Couric came under “BLISTERING (his emphasis) fire” after saying that the troop surge in Iraq was working, her statements at the Press Club were “her way of genuflecting at the altar of MoveOn.org.” He offered no basis for that conclusion, no evidence that MoveOn affected Couric’s views or comments in any way. Nor did Hannity ask for any.

Instead, Hannity used the opening as a way to launch his own attacks against MoveOn, the Democrats and the so-called liberal media. Hannity asked, “Is that a result of this new media phenomenon? Because my term now is the ‘Moveon.org media’ and the ‘Moveon.org Democratic Party.’ They seem to have a stranglehold… Is this all a reaction to this George Soros-funded group?”

“This is vicious,” Bozell obligingly agreed, still without seeing the need to offer any foundation for such reasoning other than the fact that he and Hannity don’t like them. “Look what they tried to do with Bill O’Reilly… This is the face of the far left.”

Hannity continued, “They can now intimidate the top leaders of the Democratic Party and the top media faces we see.” He conveniently forgot about all the times FOX News has tried to intimidate or outright threaten the media, have bullied politicians, ambushed people they wanted to scapegoat and more.

Colmes, who had already had his turn with Bozell, broke in to end the segment. He rightly noted, “I think it’s an attempt to intimidate Katie Couric.”

Comment: I also think it’s an indication that we (whom FOX News wrongly conflates with MoveOn) and, yes, MoveOn, too, along with Media Matters, Think Progress, Brave New Films and others are making an impact on those loud-mouthed bullies. Colmes even noted at the end of the show that Hannity seemed hung up on MoveOn.

What’s the matter, guys? You can dish it out but you can’t take it?