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Fox Pushes Attacking Iran While its "Business News" Anchor Lies About a Surge in Oil Prices Due to That Very Fear

Reported by Melanie - September 27, 2007 -

Fox is spending a lot of time this week pushing the "special report" it will air Saturday to gin up support for attacking Iran called, "Iran: Ticking Time bomb." So it stands to reason that when the price of a barrel of oil surged today (September 27, 2007) by nearly $3.00 on "supply and Iran worries," Fox would rather its audience not know that their beloved president might be the cause. So, how does a "fair and balanced news" outlet hide that inconvenient fact? Lie. Outright lie.

Video below.

After the preceding show closed with three minutes of fearmongering by Dan Senor about the Iran "special," and "Iran's proxy war against the United States," Fox's "business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, opened his "business news" show with a FOX NEWS ALERT and this:

This is a Fox News alert. Well, you know the drill. Another storm, another run-up in oil prices. This time a big one. This time Lorenzo. But this time it's a little different. To meteorologist Larry Cosgrove on how different.

Cosgrove, who has done some work for the cons before, said the "mere presence of the storm in the Gulf of Mexico is enough to send these prices up." Overall, he said, "this is not a big deal but it has caused that jump in prices."

Cavuto said, "It's interesting because this is the first time, Larry, that we've seen a storm that had no direct threat to the Gulf facilities having a direct threat to oil prices. Now there were other factors here, fears that prices are going to run-up around the holiday season and beyond, into the winter, but this is unusual in that respect, is it not?"

Cosgrove said, "It is because people are nervous when they see a storm anywhere near where oil is produced...just the presence of that storm there...was enough to cause a price reaction."

Comment: Per the article linked to in the first paragraph, above, "Analysts said a number of tropical weather systems were not affecting prices, as none are forecast to disrupt critical gas and oil infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico." Additionally, as to Cavuto's bullsh*t about, "other factors...fears that prices are going to run-up around the holiday season and beyond," the same article states that, "Most analysts agree that oil prices will begin a seasonal decline within the next month." In my opinion, Cavuto's covering for the Bushies again here. If there is a "seasonal decline" that usually begins next month, Cavuto can be doing nothing more when he says there are "fears that prices are going to run up around the holiday season." If Bush/Cheney do what I think they're going to do, oil prices will continue to surge due to fears of an attack, not due to the "holiday season."

Cavuto is notorious for blaming -- "you know the drill" -- high gas prices on, oh, everything from a rogue wave to a hurricane in the Gulf. It's never about the Middle East but he usually works in a word or two to hedge his bets. Today he didn't. Today he lied. Today he covered -- so what else is new, huh? -- for the Bush administration. Today, Cavuto, a guy who calls himself a "journalist;" a guy who reports "the news," lied through his teeth.

Here is the video. Again, I apologize for it being in two parts. I'm still learning the ropes when it comes to linking "chapters." In total, it's about 2.50 minutes.

Part I

Part II