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FOX 'n Friends voice concern over NASA mission cost

Reported by Chrish - September 27, 2007 -

Steve Doocy and Heather Nauert gave a short report on the launch of the Delta II rocket "Dawn" this morning 9/27/07, a 3 billion mile, 8 year journey to explore a massive asteroid (Vesta) and a dwarf planet (Ceres).

Video added.

Of course the insipid trio made a bunch of moronic jokes, how we ran out of monkey volunteers in the 1950s and that the rocket is named after Kilmeade's wife, and Kilmeade asked if a planet gets insulted when you call it a dwarf? Lighthearted chatter might be appropriate at times during a morning show but come on, this is just eye-rolling stupid juvenile humor.

At the end of the mercifully brief segment, Doocy informed us with great seriousness that this 8-year mission is costing us $500 million dollars, and he and Nauert expressed hope that we get something good out of it.

Put another way, that is roughly what we are spending every 42 hours in Iraq.

FUNNY how that's not mentioned or hammered, like the MoveOn ad, on FOX.